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Australia in the World

August 17th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Lord May of Oxford gave a very interesting lecture on why co-operative associations exist in the way that they do. He discusses Darwin’s understanding of how generically related groups benefit and theories on how the governance of common assets is managed by groups. It has implications for international governance of the management of resources. Why genetic, visual or dogmatic reasons are often used to motivate groups in inter group battles of resoources.

Clearly we have many global assets which are not currently being equitably plundered such as oil, fish, water and the atmosphere. A problem for one and all in the long term and only for the weak for now.

He also touches upon the battles between dogmatic faith and enlightenment that several people have pointed out form the basis of European battles over the last thousand years, recent US politics and some of the discussions in the Islamic world.

The lecture is clear, well referenced and very listenable. The mp3 can be found here.

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