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A view on religion that we don’t often hear in the US

December 31st, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Link for those not seeing the video above

I just can’t resist this Bill Maher video. The atheist view point is so rare because there is one thing the many religious communities can agree on, and that is denouncing the atheist. It is a mandatory comment in network TV programs. The “They all seek god at the end” comment to appease the religiously minded. So many people in US culture will completely cut you off if you aren’t religious that it is far too big a bottom line career risk to let anybody know you are not a religious believer. So good on you Bill. Religion, like nationalism / patriotism, is often used as a tool consciously in power politics and as such, while we need to be tolerant, it has a price, and we may not want to condone it. The charitable view is that for some it has become a tool unconsciously.

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